If you plan to transfer from Rutgers University to another U.S. school, you must notify Rutgers University (your “current school”) of your intent to transfer and to indicate the school to which you intend to transfer (your “transfer school”.) Upon transferring, the OIS will update your record in the Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) as a “transfer out” and indicate the name of your “transfer school” and a “transfer release date.” Although you may be applying to multiple new schools, the DSO may indicate only one transfer school in SEVIS. Please note — your transfer school will not be able to issue you a new I-20 until the transfer release date. Finally, if you decide to cancel your school transfer you must notify the OIS before your transfer release date — once the transfer release date has been reached, Rutgers University will no longer have access to your SEVIS record.

You will need to provide the OIS the following in order for us to transfer your SEVIS record:

  • Transfer Out Request Form
  • New School’s Transfer In Report Form (if needed)
  • Admission letter from the school you are transferring to
  • Full unofficial transcript or a copy of your OPT card, if you are currently on OPT*

* If you are on OPT, transferring to a new program will automatically cancel your OPT, if it is still valid.