Transportation from the Airport

If you need transportation from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), OIS offers a complimentary (free) pick-up service that will bring you to campus, or your nearest living accommodation. We recommend you arrive at the Philadelphia International Airport, which is approximately a 25 minute drive to campus.

Please complete the Airport Pickup Registration Form.

If possible, we suggest that you fly into Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since it is the closest to the Camden Campus. You should try to plan your travel, including any connecting flights, to minimize the necessity for overnight lodging. Hotel charges in large cities are high ($200 per night or more), though lodging in smaller cities is considerably less expensive.

If you wish to fly into another airport, such as Newark Liberty in New Jersey or JFK International in New York City, we do not provide this service. You must plan accordingly to reach campus from the airport. Remember, you can book your own taxi, shuttle service, Limousine, or purchase train/bus tickets to reach campus. See the list below for more details on transportation services.

Getting to the Camden Campus
Once you arrive at Philadelphia International Airport, you can reach the Camden Campus by shuttle, train, limousine, taxi and bus service.

Shuttle Service

Rapid Rover will drive you wherever you are going in South Jersey. And Rapid Rover’s share-ride system is less expensive than a taxi. Upon your arrival at Philadelphia International Airport, retrieve your luggage and proceed to the ground transportation counter in the baggage claim area. Dial 21 on the courtesy phone and the Rapid Rover dispatcher will place you on the next available shuttle. Rapid Rover also provides transportation from Amtrak 30th Street Station to Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties in South Jersey. Call 1-800-322-8062 upon arrival.

Rail Service

If you are traveling to Camden from Newark or JFK, you can access by rail. You will take Amtrak or NJTransit to Trenton. From Trenton, you will take (1) Riverline Rail to Cooper Street/Rutgers University or (2) The R7 line to Suburban Station. Walk to the Patco Hi-Speedline, and then take the Patco to City Hall/Camden. 

Bus Service

Bus service is also available from Newark or JFK via MegaBus or Greyhound Bus.


Uber/Lyft service is an option but can be expensive. Rideshare generally are used in the US to travel short distances within a city, not to get from one city to another. When using a ride share, get an appropriate estimate from the app. A tip is customary in the U.S.