Congratulations on your admission to Rutgers University—Camden! In order to arrive in the U.S. in time to attend our mandatory orientation program and start classes, you must complete the required immigration processes in a timely manner.

How to Get Your I-20 Rutgers University—Camden

Your next step is to provide information and documentation to the International Students & Global Programs office in order for us to issue your initial I-20 to you. This is done through the New Student I-20 Request e-form group (click here). Within this e-form group, you will also be able to access your acceptance letter.

Please begin submitting these e-forms as soon as possible. You will provide personal information, financial documentation, your passport biographical page, and other necessary information for us to create your I-20. More details are listed below.

1. Copy of your passport biographical page.

 2. Proof of finances. The International Student Financial Statement  or the Graduate Certification of Funds Form will provide you with the amount of money you need to show in order to get your I-20. Financial documentation can be in the form of bank statement, offer letter for scholarship, teaching/graduate assistantship, fellowship or employment**. A scanned copy is acceptable, but it must be on official letterhead or business form.  Bank statement must be for a checking, savings, or time deposit account. Brokerage, stock, or equities funds, real estate and/or any non-liquid assets may not be included.

  • *International students offered positions as teaching/graduate assistants much show personal funds that equal to $5,000USD in order to receive the form I-20. This amount is to ensure you have enough funding to cover your expenses prior to receiving payment from your assistantship. 
  • **Employment as proof of funding can only be one of the following:
    • Job offer letter from Rutgers University to you directly (i.e. a part-time lecture).
    • Job offer letter to your legal guardian/parent. We do not accept proof of employment from any outside entity or any other “sponsor”. 

 3. Additional documentation, if needed, based on individual circumstances (Transfer-in, Dependents and Change of Status–see below).

 Once we receive your immigration record and all required forms, we will issue your electronic I-20 to your email on file. If you have questions about your I-20 or the visa process, please contact the Office of International Students and Global Programs by email or call 856-225-6832.


If you are already in the U.S. as an F-1 student, you must request your current institution to transfer your SEVIS immigration record to us. The international student advisor must complete the report found in the Global portal (you will enter their contact information). Please be sure to have your I-20 transferred to Rutgers—Camden before the end of the 60-day grace period.

Once your I-20 has been electronically transferred, we can generate your new Rutgers-Camden I-20 upon request. 


If you wish to bring your spouse and/or children (under age 21) with you, you will need to request an F-2 I-20 document for each dependent. Students with dependents must submit the documentation required of all students and additionally do the following.

  1. Provide additional funding for each dependent. The International Student Financial Statement will provide the current required amount.
  2. Provide a copy of the passport biographical page for each dependent.

Once we receive all required documentation, we can issue I-20s for you and your dependents.

Change of Status

If you are already in the US on an immigration status other than F-1 or J-1, you may need to change your status in order to study at Rutgers-Camden. If you are unsure whether you can study on your current visa, please contact the Office of International Students and Global Programs at

If you know that you want to change your status, please review the Change of Status information on our website and then contact us to begin the process. This process can take four months up to two years, so begin the process early.