Rutgers Global Funding Opportunities

Each year, Rutgers Global awards grants to tenured or tenure-track faculty members who wish to help globalize Rutgers through research, teaching, curriculum reform, and experiential learning opportunities.

Past grants include:

Internationalizing the Curriculum (Special Focus: Study Abroad)

The Internationalizing the Curriculum grants encourage comprehensive curricular reviews at the departmental or program level with the aim of making global, international, and cross-cultural perspectives an integral part of the academic experience for all Rutgers students. The competition gives preference to proposals that incorporate study abroad opportunities into departmental curricula in a way that is affordable and does not increase the time it takes students to earn their degrees. Rutgers Global-Study Abroad, the unit of the Rutgers Global that facilitates study abroad opportunities, will provide guidance to grantees.

International Collaborative Research

The International Collaborative Research grants support international research, projects, and programs initiated by tenured or tenure-track faculty with scholars at foreign institutions. Preference is given to proposals that create research collaborations or institutional partnerships with the potential to generate broad engagement and benefit multiple programs, departments, units, or schools.

Interdisciplinary Working Groups (Special Focus: Rethinking Regional and Area Studies)  

The Interdisciplinary Working Groups grants support faculty and graduate students pursuing collaborative research and scholarly activities that significantly expand the university’s international agenda. The aim is to encourage multidisciplinary working groups to engage in innovative inquiry, institutional development, and other activities that enhance Rutgers’ international presence and influence.

Please visit Rutgers Global for an updated list of available faculty grants.