1. What’s the difference between Rutgers-Camden Learning Abroad and Study Abroad?

The Rutgers-Camden Learning Abroad program is an alternative opportunity to a traditional semester or yearlong study abroad program. Our emphasis is on integrating brief periods of travel with offered courses in our university curriculum at Rutgers-Camden.
Learning Abroad courses include short-term study abroad programs that occur over seven-days up to three weeks. The travel portion typically occurs over Winter Break, Spring Break, and during the months of May and June. Unlike Study Abroad, Learning Abroad participants travel together as a group in which they explore, volunteer, and work together at site locations in different countries. Study Abroad generally refers to semester-long programs.
2. Can you provide me with more information on semester or yearlong programs?
Yes, the Office of International Students & Global Programs can provide general information about Rutgers Study Abroad programs and the application process. If you have general questions about our programs or the application process please contact the Office of International Students & Global Programs by emailing learning.abroad@camden.rutgers.edu.
For more detailed information contact Rutgers Global-Study Abroad located at the Rutgers-New Brunswick Campus.
Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST)
102 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ

Costs & Financial Aid 

3. When will the cost of the study tour be provided? Where can I find the cost?
Program costs will be made available once programs are announced.  Be aware that initial program costs and prices are approximate and subject to change.  As we receive updated program information, we will update the information on the Learning Abroad website as well as the registration page at globaleducation.rutgers.edu.
4. Am I eligible for additional Financial Aid for the Learning Abroad Program?
Each student’s financial aid situation is unique. While students may apply for additional aid and/or private loans, financial aid eligibility should be discussed with your financial aid advisor. Please contact your financial aid advisor on your campus.
5. This is a Rutgers-Camden course and program but I am Rutgers-Newark student.  Are students from any Rutgers campus able to use my financial aid to cover this program? 
Please contact your local financial aid office for questions regarding Financial Aid. Visit studentabc.rutgers.edu for more information.
6. Are there scholarships available?
If scholarships are available for our Learning Abroad Programs, we will announce this via email and on our Learning Abroad website. Not all programs or program participants will be eligible for scholarships.  Please check the “scholarship” section on this website for more information.
7. What is the payment schedule for my program?
The program payment schedule is included in the Financial Statement of Responsibility, which you must electronically sign before committing to the program. Typically, the program cost is due when the term bill payment is due.
8. Approximately how much should I expect to pay for airfare?
Airfare is included in your program costs.  The Office of International Students & Global Programs books group flights for each program. Do not purchase an individual ticket without consent from the Office of International Students & Global Programs.

Non Rutgers-Camden Students

9.  I am from the New Brunswick campus; can students from other campuses participate in Learning Abroad?
Yes, students from any of our Rutgers campuses may apply to participate.  Class meetings will be held at the Rutgers-Camden campus. Please check the Learning Abroad program details and pre-requisites to ensure you have met the registration requirements for participation. 
10. I have a friend at another university who is very interested in this opportunity.  Is the Learning Abroad Program open to students at other universities?
Yes, by permission of the program faculty leader and the Office of International Students & Global Programs.

Program Registration

11. I just completed the application on the study abroad website; what do I do next?
You will be notified of your acceptance via email and will be registered in the associated Learning Abroad course. Please return to globaleducation.rutgers.edu to complete Phase 2. Log in using your NetID and password. Open your existing program application.
You will find two forms that must be completed by all participants that are “Committed” to participate in the program.
1. Camden Physician’s Form
2. Passport Upload
Please attempt to complete and submit the Physician’s Forms as soon as you can. Student Health Services is available to help you complete this form; you might also ask your family physician to complete it.  It’s important not to delay a visit to a physician in case immunizations are required.The Physician’s Form must be submitted to the Office of International Students & Global Programs (215 N. 3rd Street, Suite 112).
A copy of your passport (the biographical page) should be uploaded to your profile, or delivered to the Office of International Students & Global Programs. Make sure to also fill in your passport information on your profile (Passport status, number, expiration date and your name as it appears on your passport).
12. Do I need a special permission number to register for the Learning Abroad Course?
No.  Once you have completed the application, committed to the program, and have electronically signed the informed consent, Rutgers-Camden Office of International Students & Global Programs staff will enroll you in the corresponding course.  If you are taking this course as an overload, please submit a completed and signed Overload Authorization Form at the time you commit to the program to the Office of International Students & Global Programs.


13. I want to know if this Learning Abroad course will fulfill any of my major credits.
As with any course, you should consult with your academic advisor regarding credits. Each Learning Abroad course is different and will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.
14. I am registered for 18 credits, am I allowed a course overload? 
Approval to register for 18 or more credits requires the minimum cumulative grade-point-average (GPA) listed on the Permission for Academic Course Overload form as well as approval from your departmental advisor or the department chair (if you have declared a major), or the associate dean (if you have not declared a major). Please fill out this form, attach a copy of your transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable), and obtain the necessary approval. Present the completed form to the Office of International Students & Global Programs once you have committed to the program.
15. Will all Learning Abroad classes and meetings be held at the Camden Campus?
Yes. While some courses are hybrid, class meetings are arranged by the program faculty-leader. Please consult with your faculty-leader and the Office of International Students & Global Programs if you have concerns regarding class meeting dates and times.
16. I just want to participate in the travel portion, not register for the course. Can I do that?
Rutgers students who want to participate in a Learning Abroad program are required to register for the course.  Learning Abroad courses are academic courses for credit. Embedded in these courses are study tours and travel experiences that supplement in-class learning. Students are not eligible to audit a Learning Abroad course.
17. I am graduating in May. Can I participate in a Learning Abroad course that travels in May?
Please review our guidance on graduating Arts & Sciences seniors participating in May Learning Abroad courses:
Any CCAS senior who wishes to participate in a learning abroad program that actually concludes after the Commencement ceremony in his or her final semester is permitted to do so. The student is permitted to participate in the May commencement ceremony.  However, the learning abroad credits pursued will not be included in the determination of Latin honors, as the student will not have these credits earned prior to the completion of the semester.
The faculty member sponsoring the learning abroad program will have to submit his or her grades before or on June 2 of that academic year, as the registrar will need the final May graduation report on that day—June 2. If a faculty member is unable to provide the final grades for the senior learning abroad student, the student may be subjected to a later graduation date. (updated spring 2018)


18. Has a flight been selected or must I schedule my own flight?
Flights are arranged by the Office of International Students & Global Programs and group tickets are purchased unless otherwise noted on our website.  If you have questions about travelling and flight arrangements please contact the Office of International Students & Global Programs.
19. How much money should I bring?
Take between $100 to $300 worth of currency.  When you arrive at the airport, ask for some currency in small denominations, the equivalent of $1 to $10. (You can also pre-purchase foreign currency here in the U.S. at your local bank. Some banking locations have foreign currency on hand or can get it to you within a few days.)
It’s generally a good idea to carry some cash. However, it’s not a good idea to carry large sums of cash.  You may want to bring along credit/debit cards, travelers cheques and some US currency to exchange for foreign currency.
20. Do I need to apply for a visa?
It depends; visa requirements vary by country and your country of citizenship.  Please visit the consulate/embassy website of the country you plan to visit to determine whether you will need a visa to apply. The Office of International Students & Global Programs can provide you with general information and guidance about applying for a foreign visa.

Health & Safety

21. Do I need to receive immunizations?

Immunization requirements and recommendations vary by country.  It is important to update yourself on any health concerns in your host country.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is an excellent source.  You can find the most updated information on country specific information on diseases, water precautions and required/recommended vaccinations. For more information, go to the CDC website.  In addition, there is a wealth of health related country specific information available on HTH’s website: 

You are required to have all vaccinations up-to date and to have had all destination-required immunizations completed before your departure.

22. What is the Physician’s Medical Form and where can I have it completed?
In the interest of your health and safety as well as participation, we require that you meet with a medical physician to determine your ability to participate in the Learning Abroad program. You can download and print this form from your profile to have completed by your personal physician or the Student Health Center located on the 2nd floor of the Camden Campus Center.This information will remain confidential and will be provided only to the Associate Dean of International Programs, the Coordinator of the Learning Abroad program and the faculty director(s) of the Learning Abroad Program overseas, and those with a need to know for the purpose of providing any necessary accommodations or in the event that medical attention is necessary.

Withdrawal from a Program

23. Who should I contact if I want to withdrawal from the program?
If you no longer wish to participate in a Learning Abroad program please consult the Office of International Students & Global Programs immediately (learning.abroad@camden.rutgers.edu).
Be aware that if you have committed to the program and have been enrolled in the course, withdrawing from the course does not mean you have been withdrawn from the program! You may be responsible for paying up to the total cost of the program.
24. Do I have to pay for anything if I want to withdrawal from the program?

Once you have signed the financial responsbility statement, you will be held responsible for the full program fees. These fees can range from a minimum of $350.00 to the entire cost of the program. Please consult the Office of International Students & Global Programs immediately if you are considering withdrawing from a program by emailing learning.abroad@camden.rutgers.edu.