A proposal must be submitted by each faculty member offering a course in conjunction with Rutgers-Camden Learning Abroad or Study Away, including programs where students in distinct courses are traveling to the same destination (e.g. South Africa).

The Learning Abroad and Study Away Academic Advisory Committee (LASAAAC) does not oversee situations where staff and students travel together on non-academic programs. Even in these cases, however, to assure compliance with university regulations, staff members leading non-academic travel programs, and students who accompany them, must register on the International Travel Registration site.

To facilitate record-keeping and compliance with the Academic and Administrative Framework, the program requires a new proposal even in the case of programs that have been offered in the past. The Framework may be found here.

Faculty members whose programs are approved by the LASAAAC will be asked to submit a course syllabus, a detailed itinerary, and a detailed program description. These items will be posted and stored on the official Rutgers Global-Study Abroad application  platform, where all students will apply to participate in Rutgers-Camden Learning Abroad programs. Payment of course development grants (see Part II of the proposal form) will be authorized on submission of these items.

All program leaders must:

  • ​Work collaboratively with the Office of International Students & Global Programs for all logistical and travel planning.
  • Submit their program description, itinerary, course syllabus, and any additional documents to the Office of International Students & Global Programs for posting on the Learning Abroad website and the application platform.
  • Complete faculty training programs organized by the Office of International Students & Global Programs
  • Comply with all university policies and procedures, including those for budget and risk management.
The deadline to submit a spring course proposal is May 1. Apply here.