Faculty Leaders: Please complete the following itinerary worksheet for your proposed Learning Abroad or Study Away course by June 15, 2022. We will use the information from this worksheet to request quotes from Direct Travel, the University’s preferred travel vendor. 

Itinerary Worksheet

  • Include any secondary faculty/staff members who will travel to support the program. If you are including additional faculty/staff, how will their travel be funded?
  • Will you also offer graduate credit?
  • Both before and after travel occurs.
  • List cities to be visited.
  • We generally request quotes for flights departing from PHL, EWR, and JFK. You can include exact flight preferences above.
  • 3-star hotels are typical. Preferred hotels? Please list them above.
  • A minimum of 10 students is required.
  • Coach bus pick-up from airport? Coach bus to group meetings? Subway passes? Train or flight to other city? Please also note in your itinerary when private transportation is needed.
  • Breakfast is typically included. Welcome and farewell dinners are suggested.
  • Rutgers is contracted with Direct Travel for all travel logistics. We may appeal to work with a separate vendor for special circumstances. Please include what your reason for an outside vendor is if you plan to appeal.
  • Please provide a detailed day-to-day itinerary, noting if the service needs to be arranged by a vendor or can be arranged by you. Include academic and cultural visits. You can email attachments to learning.abroad@camden.rutgers.edu.
  • Please provide a paragraph describing your course and the associated travel component that can be used for marketing efforts and on the Study Abroad application portal. If you have photos from the destination, please email them to learning.abroad@camden.rutgers.edu.
  • Please describe your approach to recruit students to this program. Consider which student populations you will target, how you will share information with them, etc.