Medical care in the United States is expensive. At Rutgers, it is required for all staff, students, faculty, and scholars (and their families)—including international students, faculty, scholars, and their families—to have at least a minimum level of health insurance coverage. The Student Health Insurance Plan meets all of the requirements listed below; however, you may opt for alternate coverage that meets or exceeds these requirements. 

Minimum Requirements for Health Insurance Coverage at Rutgers

  • The alternate coverage is currently active and the student agrees to maintain the health insurance coverage throughout the current semester
  • The plan offers unlimited coverage with no maximum dollar limit The plan must include a minimum of $25,000.00 for repatriation of remains and $50,000.00 for medical evacuation.
  • Plan deductible does not exceed $500 out of network per policy year.
  • Plan provides coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical care in the immediate campus area.
  • Plan provides mental health benefits which include chemical and substance abuse treatments.
  • Plan provides preventative care services which include, but are not limited to, annual physicals, gynecological exams, routine screenings and immunizations.
  • Plan covers pre-existing conditions.
  • Plan covers prescription drugs with no maximum dollar limit and a nationwide network of pharmacies. Plan must not be a reimbursement plan.
  • Plan must be filed and approved in the United States and fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act Benefit Regulations.
  • Plan is provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States with a U.S. claims payment office and a U.S. phone number.
  • Plan must pay medical providers directly for inpatient and outpatient care (must not be a reimbursement plan).
  • The underwriting company must have a rating of either “A” or above by A.M. Best, “A-1” or above by Insurance Solvency International Ltd., “A -” or above by Standard & Poor’s Claims-paying Ability, “B +” or above by Weiss Research, Inc.

Please note that Rutgers carries a policy that meets the Department of State’s requirement for $25,000.00 repatriation of remains coverage and $50,000.00 medical evacuation coverage. Anyone on Rutgers F-1, J-1, F-2, or J-2 sponsorship is automatically covered by that policy regardless of their enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan. 

The Student Health Insurance Plans offer the level of coverage listed above. For questions, please contact insurance coordinator Eirinn Jones at

Health Insurance Costs

Costs for enrolling in the Student Health Insurance Plan change annually and vary depending on the F-1 or J-1 visa holder’s situation at Rutgers. 

*Please note that the information provided below is for those enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (policy number following the format 20XX-519-02).  If you are instead covered by the postdoctorate, graduate fellows, teaching and graduate assistants plan (policy number following the format 20XX-202826-1) please visit UnitedHealthcare Student Resources for more information.

Costs are listed below; please note that the fall semester coverage begins mid-August and ends in mid-January. The spring semester coverage begins in mid-January and ends in mid-August.

Additional Information

The current costs for F-1 and J-1 registered students are divided into two separate charges: the Health Services Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan Premium. These charges will show up differently for full and part time students. For full time students, the Health Services Fee will be included in your total campus fees and you will only see a separate charge on your term bill for the Student Health Insurance Plan Premium. For part time students you will see 2 separate charges on your term bill, one for the Health Services Fee and one for the Student Health Insurance Plan Premium.

Costs for F-2 and J-2 Dependents of Registered Students
Payment to enroll F-2 and J-2 dependents of registered students can be made on a semester basis only. Enrollment forms are available at Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services. Any completed enrollment forms and payment should be returned to Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services for processing

For more information about health insurance enrollment, visit: