The Program
Learn first-hand about the politics of low-income communities in Rio de Janeiro and the residents fight for environmental justice and housing security. Rio de Janeiro is the ideal location to study sustainability politics as a highly unequal city already feeling the effects of climate change while trying to reconcile the legacies of race and class discrimination. During our time in Rio de Janeiro we will work with Catalytic Comunities (CatComm), a NGO created to combat misperceptions and stigmas of favela. While on the ground we will visit communities engaged in sustainable practices, participate in community actions, and write articles for online dissemination based on what we see. We will also visit cultural attractions to get a sense of the whole city and it’s history.​​​​​​​

Program Location(s)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Faculty Leader: Maureen Donaghy, Departments of Political Science and Public Policy and Administration,

Course Number: 50:790:310​​​​​​​

Course Meeting: Synchronous Online, (Meeting Dates TBD)

Program Travel Dates
March 9-16, 2024

Financial Information
Program Cost: $3,425

Program Cost Includes:
International health insurance
Some meals and excursions

Program Cost Does Not Include:
Passport, visa, or airport entrance or exit fees (if applicable)
Vaccinations (if applicable)
Remaining meals


Application Process
*Please complete all components of the application.

*Upon completion of this application and acceptance into the course, the Office of International *Students & Global Programs will register you in the course.  You cannot register yourself for this course. 
*Program cost is in addition to tuition, is approximate, and is subject to change.
*To withdraw, contact the Office of International Students & Global Programs at Remember: once you sign the Camden Financial *Responsibility Statement, you may be responsible for paying the entire cost of the program.


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