I had a passport as a child but not as an adult. Do I still qualify to apply?

Yes. Since your first passport was issued when you were a minor, you now need an adult version.

Should I apply for my passport before hearing that I’ve been awarded?

No, you must wait until you’ve received your official award letter. We will be scheduling a day and time for you to pick up the checks. 

Do I have to study abroad in the future to apply or receive the award?

No, you are not required to study abroad to receive this award.

What is the time frame for acceptance?

Rutgers Global reviews completed applications weekly. 

Would I get a passport in time to go abroad for the Spring?

It usually takes 10 to 13 weeks to process a passport (processing times start when the application is received at a passport agency or center). Depending upon your study abroad program, you may need your passport before applying for a visa (if applicable) and may be needed to purchase your flight. You will need to plan accordingly.

How will the U.S. passport fees be covered?

Rutgers Global will notify students if they have received the award, and students will be given two money orders to pay for the passport application fee and the passport processing fee. Further information will be provided in the official award email.

What if I need the passport expedited?

Expediting a passport requires additional fees, for which you will be responsible.