Faculty Director Handbook | Terra Dotta for Study Abroad

What is Terra Dotta for Study Abroad?

Terra Dotta is the system Rutgers students use to apply to Learning Abroad programs – on http://globaleducation.rutgers.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.SimpleS…. Here they input basic biographical information, read and sign forms and upload travel documents.

You, as a Learning Abroad Faculty Director, can access Terra Dotta in order to:

  • View which students have applied to your Learning Abroad program
  • View student information and see which documents they have submitted or still need to submit
  • Contact students through the Terra Dotta email system (can contact all students at once, for instance, with an important announcement, etc.)

How do students apply to a Learning Abroad program?

Students apply on http://globaleducation.rutgers.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.SimpleS….

Application Instructions:

PHASE 1 (Pre-decision)

  1. Go to http://globaleducation.rutgers.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.SimpleS…
  2. Select PROGRAMS. Under Program Name, type in “Camden” to see the full list of Learning Abroad programs.
  3. Click to open your program of interest and click Apply Now.
  4. Log in with your Rutgers NetID and password*
  5. Read then electronically sign/accept or fill in the following fields to complete Phase 1 of the application:
  • Camden Application Fee
  • Camden Financial Responsibility Statement
  • Camden Informed Consent
  • Name as it Appears on your Passport (If you do not have a passport yet, leave this section blank until you have a passport.)
  • Camden Passport Reminder
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Passport Upload

*Non-Rutgers Students and guest who wish to join a Learning Abroad program must first create a login ID and password before continuing with the application (a prompt will appear when you click Apply Now). An email will be sent to them with their login and password information.

*Email learning.abroad@camden.rutgers.edu to make any changes to your program’s page.*

PHASE 2 (Post-acceptance)

Once all Phase 1 (pre-decision) documents have been read and signed: You will be notified of your acceptance via email and will be registered in the associated Learning Abroad course.

Please return to http://globaleducation.rutgers.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.SimpleS… to complete Phase 2. Log in using your NetID and password. Open your existing program application. You will find one additional form that must be completed by all participants that are “Committed” to participate in the program.

1. Camden Physician’s Form

*Student Health Services is available to help you complete the Physician’s Form; you might also ask your family physician to complete it.  It’s important not to delay a visit to a physician in case immunizations are required. The Physician’s Form must be submitted to the Office of International Students & Global Programs (215 N. 3rd Street, Suite 112).

*A copy of your passport (the biographical page) should be uploaded to your profile or delivered to the Office of International Students & Global Programs. Make sure to also fill in your passport information on your profile (Passport status, number, expiration date and your name as it appears on your passport).

*Faculty Directors: Please submit an application to your Learning Abroad program and upload a copy of your passport (and fill in passport status, number and expiration date on your application’s profile)*

How do I, a Faculty Director, use Terra Dotta?

  1. Go to http://globaleducation.rutgers.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.SimpleS…. Select LOGIN and log in using your NetID and password.
  2. Provide the Center for International Programs with your NetID. They will grant you access to log in to StudioAbroad.
  3. To view your program, click “Applicant Admin” and “Search” on the left side of your screen. Type the name of your program into “Program Name” and select “Camden Spring 2017 (or other term).”
  4. To view a specific applicant’s information, click the Program link next to that student’s name. To email all the students that have applied to your program, select “send email” in Options.
  5. To see if the student has uploaded their passport, click Questionnaires. To see if the student has submitted their Physician’s Form and signed the Application Fee, Financial Responsibility and Informed Consent documents, click Materials (To view the actual medical form, click Documents). To email that specific student, click Email and choose “Use system e-mail form.” To see other general student information, click Profile.

What are the different “Statuses”?

Each student has a status in Terra Dotta. Their status may be Pending, Committed, Registered or Enrolled. The Office of International Students & Global Programs will update student statuses each week.

  • Pending: The student has started an application but has yet to sign all forms.
  • Committed: The student has signed all forms in the Phase 1 (pre-decision) stage. They have been accepted to the Learning Abroad program and sent an official letter of acceptance by the Office of International Students & Global Programs.
  • Registered: The student has been registered in the Learning Abroad course by the Office of International Students & Global Programs.
  • Enrolled: The student has been billed (the Learning Abroad costs have been added to their term bill). Students are billed every Friday.
  • *Faculty Enrolled: your status as a Faculty Director once you submit an application to your program.