Spring 2022 Semester

If you failed to Waive or Enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan before the deadline, please follow these guidelines.

Failed to Waive? You are being enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, and will be responsible for the premium on the term bill even though you have other health insurance. 

F&J Rutgers visa sponsored students must contact Eirinn Jones at RGlobal via email to request a waiver appeal before 4/30/22. Rutgers ID# must be included for identification.


Failed to Enroll? You are now being enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan(SHIP),which will cause a delay in accessing your insurance card. Visit to create an account and access your insurance card in a few weeks.

Note: Be proactive and enroll before the deadline each semester; avoid having to pay out-of- pocket expenses for medical care including medication and then seeking reimbursement.